Saturday, February 10, 2007

First Post

At last took up the task of designing my blogspot. Though I had created this one long back, I could not somehow go any further. Should I call it a time constraint? Well, that is safer ;).

Just stepped into my new corner. Decorated with fonts, colours and layouts to make it somewhat liveable (at least for myself). Now I have to fill it with all the curio stuff strewn around. Well, you may find this place empty for some more time to come, till I get time to sit and arrange, that is.

While making this blog, I was wondering if I should make it in Kannada or English. On a second thought I realized that the question itself was meaningless. When I think in both Kannada & Engilsh, live in both and even beyond, and when I have friends of both languages, and more over when it is my own corner where I do not need to pose, why bother about the language. I shall go on posting as it comes.

Well, I think this much is enough for today. Need a break from this much of Housekeeping work ;) Catch you later